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Teenagers in Nature

The teenage girl perspective

As girls, we often are our own worst critics.

This pushes us to compare ourselves to others, and distorts how we view ourselves, impacting our sense of self-worth and how we want to fit in society. This leads to many issues that affect teenagers from all backgrounds, such as low-self esteem, bullying, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, and more, which are all factors that could hinder their development into healthy young women. This program is designed for teenage girls who are experiencing these issues and strives to provide them with safe spaces for them to build skills, acquire tools and discuss topics that are important to them so that they may learn to manage the hardships that they face in a healthy way.

The program

This program is aimed at teenage girls aged 15 to 18.

By facilitating age appropriate discussions

in a safe environment that is free of judgement, I would like to inspire them to be their best self. help them feel powerful, valued, and encourage healthy thinking habits. The program's overall goal is to support young girls and equip them with strategies to help them thrive in life.

Main topics of discussion

This list is in no way exhaustive, but aims to offer a selection of topics that will be covered within the program, Participants are also encouraged to propose additional subjects to be explored.

• Positive self-talk and affirmations

• The importance of self-esteem and confidence

• Building and maintaining healthy relationships

• Peer pressure, its forms and consequences

• Bullying, its causes and effects, dealing with it

• Tools to regulate stress and anxiety

• Emotions, understanding how to benefit from them

• Making healthy choices and informed decisions

• Social life and social media

• Beauty standards, positive body image

• Awareness, mindfulness, and their applications

• Social, emotional and physical wellbeing

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Girl Empowerment Program

Behind the program
" Looking back, I can say with certainty that I wish I had been taught what I know now during my teenage years. I had very low self-esteem, dealt with many issues that made me vulnerable, had to overcome learning disabilities, and extreme anxiety. I had to learn how to be my authentic self, love myself, and learn how to approach situations in an open, mindful way, which in turn transformed my life and wellbeing in a constructive way.
Having twenty years of experience teaching teenagers, I have always been passionate about not just teaching, but also helping the youth and providing them with advice whenever needed. I have run anti-bullying programs to increase awareness and provide support to teenagers, as well as a girl empowerment program for three consecutive years to offer teenage girls the space to discuss the adversities they encounter. Essentially, I strive to offer as many girls as possible the accessibility to tools and strategies that can help them thrive in their environment and grow to become healthy, responsible adults. I am additionally certified as a Personal Trainer and in Yoga Nidra (guided meditation)." Chanti L.P.

Closing comments
This program is carefully designed to help teens reach their full potential, and to allow them to grow in terms of social, emotional and physical wellbeing. I believe that by nourishing their minds, bodies and spirits, many girls' lives can be impacted in a positive way so that they may tackle adversity confidently.


Tuesday or Thursday 6pm to 7pm

Eligible participants: teenagers or young adults 15 years old to 18 years old

Group size: between 5 to 10 teenagers 

Fee: $99 for 4 sessions.

COMING ! Book your place by contacting us !

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