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What is occupational therapy ?

Occupational therapy promotes the overall development and improvement of a person's functional abilities, particularly for children.

It can help them overcome specific challenges or amplify their innate skills.

This unique approach fosters self-confidence and independence in everyday life.

When should you consult an occupational therapist for my child?

Motor challenges: my child has difficulty with fine or global movements, such as handwriting or coordination.

Attention problems: my child's attention is limited, with difficulty concentrating or following instructions.


Daily Autonomy: my child has difficulty performing daily tasks such as dressing, eating or bathing.

Social Interaction: my child has difficulty interacting with other children, playing or sharing.

Sensory disorders: my child reacts in an unusual way to sensory stimuli such as touch, sound or light.

The different stages of
occupational therapy assessment

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Initial session (60 min) $115
Evaluation (2 sessions) and feedback session $700
Session at the clinic (60 min) $115
Session at home, in daycare or at school $170

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