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family famille montreal special needs dental consult
special needs dental consult montreal

With the number of children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders increasing each year, access to dental care is becoming increasingly difficult for children and adults in this demographic.

When treating children and adults with disabilities, taking the time to build a trusting relationship between the dental team, the caregiver and the client becomes the first goal for success.

Utilizing a holistic approach, this 7-step program aims to encourage early intervention, educate caregivers on the importance of dental visits as well as provide oral hygiene education. 

special needs dental consult montreal

Additionally, the program includes methods that will desensitize the client and prepare them to accept a lifetime of preventive dental appointments.

Jodie is a pediatric and special needs dental assistant interacting with children, young adults, and families for over 36 years.

Her demeanor with the children and their parents/caregivers helps them find comfort and even laughter during what could otherwise be considered a stressful time.


Over the years, she has developed strategies to ease the fears of child, parent/caregiver as well as the collective dental team with the intent to build long-term trusting relationships.


Initial session (60 min) $120

Follow ups (60 min) $60

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